Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Let’s Get Personal! I recently just went back to my Hometown to attend my cousin wedding! Me, my brothers, my mother and our friends all packed into a minivan and took a 7 hour road trip to beautiful Vermont. I haven’t been back to Vermont in over 15 years. I use to attend Vermont ever summer, because my father would put on Reggae Festivals. I still hold so many memories from all those summers with my father. My family can be very dynamic, or I’ll just say we are dynamic. I think ever family has its issues that they deal with!  Attending this wedding had me and my family concerned, but not to the point where we would miss my cousin getting married. Let’s just say that my mother’s side of the family has some issues! But what’s so special is that we cousins have no issues with each other! It was amazing for all of us, to be together again! We were missing are other 2 cousins in Hawaii but they were definitely there in spirit. Truthfully it’s been years that we all were all together again. Mainly because of our parent’s issues and the awkwardness it caused us kids.  But forget all of that! It was so amazing to see us all grown up and still the same as when we were kids! It took me back to the summers we all would be together , playing in the creek, going to the summer cottage, bond fires, marsh mellows and spooky bedtime stories. We made a pack that we will never let are parents issues intertwine with our relationships as cousins. My beautiful cousin Yvette was the first of all of us to be born and was the first to get married. Yvette and I have a close place for each other! I consider her to be my big sister I never had!  Even though we have dysfunctional families, I was so happy and proud to see my aunts and uncle set that aside all of that for her day! It was a beautiful trip that I will always hold in my heart of memories!
 The beautiful Location "Seyon Lake, Vermont"
Even though I live in the City of L.A I'm still all about nature.
 Wine in Hand
 Just gorgeous! Definitely giving me some ideas.
My Best Friend and I
 Cant ever be serious! Goofing around with my Bros!
 Me, my brothers and my cousins trying to gather ourselves before our picture
We cant ever be serious! I love my family

 The beautiful newly weds! 

Thank you to Arthur for taking some amazing photos

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