Thursday, April 11, 2013

You had me at "Instagram"

I'm pretty late with the whole Instagram and all that Apps stuff! Only because I didn't want to give in and let my Black Berry go! But I couldn't resist when I was gifted with an  IPhone! So now that I have one, I now have a new addiction! This would be INSTAGRAM. 
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1.Waking up to kisses & hugs from Marylin
  2.Desert Time
3.Smell the Roses
1.Saying my goodbyes to Miss Jaggy
2.Juice Time
3.My hood & View 
1.Sketching My Thoughts
2.Afro Weekend
3.New Shoes
1. New Styles at Zelie for She! Eh?
2.Nothing like accomplishing a goal!
3.Sweet Tooth


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