Wednesday, April 17, 2013

African Queen

I found my favorite style for this summer! I'm officially an "African Queen"! While, not in real life but in my imagination. I found some amazing printed caftans while shopping last week. I'm all about printed anything this summer, especially African inspired prints. This caftan isn't necessarily an African print, but it’s a fly as heck! I'm going shorter this summer with my dress and I don’t care! Last summer, I started letting go of some fears I had with wearing certain clothing! Last summer it was  wearing short dresses this summer will be all about sleeveless tops! I'm one to cover my arms all the time, but my goal this summer is to not worry about my big, large and chunky beautiful arms! Besides all of that I'm working on some new designs for Zelie for She and let’s just say they're definitely "African Queen" inspired!
  Until then my lovers!


  1. Gorgeous and LOVING that lipstick shade on you x

  2. u look amazing,great look :)

  3. The colors on that are incredible. It makes me wish for summer.

    I love it~!

    - Plush Plum

  4. Where Can I get this dress? Thanks!!

    1. from a local btq, but I have one similar on my online store