Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fun Times

This past weekend was a weekend of creativity and fun! Had an amazing time with my buddy over the weekend, we went drinking, eating and listened to some good music! My Sunday Funday has become the best day of the week for me! I did so much I can’t even fill you in on all the details! But I had a BLAST!  The new collection for Zelie for She is almost done, adding some finishing touches before the photo shoot. I’m also dipping back into sewing and creating evening dresses again. After watching the Oscars and seeing so many beautiful curvy women wearing some okay dresses it motivated me to start back up. I miss it a lot and I’m excited to get back into it! When I have one completed “trust” you’ll be the first to see!

Dress: Forever 21  Shoes: Aldo


  1. Gorgeous! Loving that dress with the boots and pictures with the view of the city are awesome! Glad I found your blog!

  2. That colour looks gorgeous on you! Pretty hair colour:)