Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Forever Young

February has been a month of just plan confusion and stress. With a lot of things to do and many deadlines to meet it's definitely caused many ups & downs. But I’m working my way through it all because there are worse things going on in the world than my stress. I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was lovely, unfortunately I didn’t find my valentine but I did have one heck of a night! Remember a few post ago when I was wearing a wig and trying to figure out something to do with my hair? Well I finally took the jump and dyed it. I’ve never dyed my whole head before so I guess I’m not a virgin hair chica anymore! I wasn’t expecting the color I got, but hey I like the change for now! I’m so anxious to go back home this summer! Missing my New Yorkers! I need my best girls to brighten my mind with new ideas and inspiration. I always get the most inspiration when I’m home with the people that have been a part of all my dreams. I’m so excited for the new collection for Zelie for She. I think you guys are going to love my picks!  I wanted to post a more casual look for me! I’m rocking my NY hat (because I’m missing home) with my cross tank and my new all-time favorite jacket! I hope everyone has amazing rest of the week and remember to always dream bigger!

Tank: Debs  Jacket: Forver21


  1. Love the casual look! Looking forward to the new collection!

  2. mean outfit, bit of sexynez but with a tuff edge. Lookz gr8!