Friday, January 25, 2013

Dress Up Time

I've been so busy lately working at my new job and putting together the new collection. So I decided to take a break for a few hours and hit the town to have some fun! One thing I love to do is to dress up and have a little fun! Lately I've been dying to do something drastic with my hair! I want to make a change but I just don’t know what exactly yet! I'm struggling between cutting it into a pixie cut or dying it light brown? So for the time being I’m rocking a pixie wig and testing it out! What do you think? It definitely brings out my alter ego.  I got this brocade printed dress from eshakti which happens to match my wallpaper that I just put up in my loft. I thought before I head out to cause some trouble let me take some pictures for yall! This look was a totally have fun, who care, lets do this, dress up for me!

Dress: Eshakti

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goodbye 2012

The year 2012 was a year that I think I will truly never forget! A year filled with dreams and goals that I started to pave down their pathways to success. It’s been a year of many thoughts, notes, dreams, lack of energy,failure and then always the truth!  This past year, one of my goals was to finally launch my online clothing store.  I was able to succeed in opening it! It’s definitely still in the process of becoming what I truly want it to be, but most of all I am happy that the dream is in existence.  During FFFWEEK in June I felt a lot of that from my fellow blogger and readers. To be around such beautiful ladies with curves gave me some sparkle that was definitely not there before. My summer was filled with memories with my family and friends! When I turned 25 this year I felt it was going to be a milestone for me, but to tell you the truth I still feel like that 17 year old girl who packed her bags a month after graduating from high school. Who then moved all the way to Los Angeles not knowing a soul. I can now say “ WOW did I have some GUTS”!  That’s one thing I want to re gain in this year of 2013!  The year of 2012 ended with a smile fore sure!I was able to gain many memories from my recent visit back home for the holidays. I will have those locked away in my heart of scrapbooks for LIFE.This year I wish everyone the best health and happiness we all deserve. Just remember,we all will have those days in 2013 where you feel like crap!  But remember there’s someone out there feeling the same way. You’re never alone in this world; we are all a circle of unity and life. There for you will always have my heart! I am so thankful to have such amazing readers and friends from this blogging journey. I hope you can all continue to stick with me on my pathway to achieving everything I believed to dream!
Here are some of my favorite moments of 2012!