Friday, December 21, 2012

A New Start to A New Beginning

I am so excited, I leave Monday to NY again to see my family and friends for the holidays. I’ve had a crazy 2 weeks, from starting a new job and working hard on my dreams. I’m exhausted but I’m happy to be working in the industry again! I’m also working on some new things for Zelie for She for the beginning of the New Year so keep your eyes open.  Since I started a new job my nights are a lot shorter, but I made sure to make some time to party!  I went out last night to bring in the end to the Mayan Calendar with some friends. Watched an amazing burlesque show, had some good calamari and drank the night away because it was going to “supposable” be my last night alive. But it wasn’t, I’m still here! Lately I’ve been rocking a lot of black! I can’t help it! I love black and you can’t tell me to add some color yet! I’ll bring some color around in the summer! But for now I don’t mind rocking my buckled boots, Panel leopard leggings and my black blazer. I hope everyone has an amazing Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I will take tons of pictures well I’m home visiting and share them with you through the week!  
Happy Holidays!


  1. Leggings/Pants are gorgeous. I wish I had the guts to actually wear those legginings. Love it & congrats on your new job.

    Love Ro.

  2. Your dressed like a Mini Me, Doll I Love it!!!! I too, tell people I'll save color for summer. I also have that same blazer. Great Minds think alike.