Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black all Over + Giveaway

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks for me! I fly out to NY for my friend’s wedding this week, and then I'm back in L.A working on some exciting projects. Then I fly out to NY again for the Christmas and possibly New Years.  And if you don’t know I’m not a fan of flying! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was a beautiful one. I had a nice one, but I can definitely say I wish things that day were a bit better than they were! I cooked the Turkey again and it was GOOD! But in all I do wish I was home spending Thanksgiving with the family. It’s been 7yrs since I had a thanksgiving back in NY. But it’s all good I'll be seeing everyone soon enough. Did anyone go shopping on Black Friday? I was at the mall all night and pulled a 34 hour shopping spree. Yes! I stayed awake for 34 hrs. until I passed out in my bed due to exhaustion! I saw myself getting moody as the hours built up! I must say though I got some great deals! Also today is the last day of my sale over at Zelie for She. Everything is $20 or less! I'm rocking the Black Dress from Zelie for She which can I say is the most comfy dress Ive ever worn! Ive been wearing a lot of black all over lately! Its my go to Color this season!  Time to give back to all my followers ! I am giving away an item from my store Zelie for She. Leave  your email and name below with your favorite item from Zelie for She. You might just win it!

Dress: Zelie for She  Booties:Torrid   Belt:Ashley Stewart
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wish List for the Holidays

Wish List Time! Since the Holidays are right around the corner I thought I put together some wishes I hope to come true! With Thanksgiving and Black Friday approaching it’s definitely gearing me up for the holiday shopping season. Between all the sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday I hope to get all my shopping out of the way! I have so many people I shop for that I can easily get confused and end up waiting till the last minute to pick out a gift. So to relive my stress and anxiety I turn to Gift Guides. They definitely help me in picking out the perfect item, but at the same time I end up finding things I want! That’s why I had to put together my personal gift guide aka My Wish List! Currently my new obsession is anything, cheetah, gold and metallic. I’m in the need of updating my purse collection particularly my clutches. Currently my clutches are very summer like and I need some fierceness in my life. I can’t help but love the Sahsha Clutch (see below), its screaming for me to buy her! I hoping this exact clutch is on sale during Cyber Monday! I pray or pretty please!  Well I was checking out the Gift Guide section on Macy's, I spotted some amazing Steve Madden pumps (see below).  They would look fabulous with almost anything, when I have them I’ll figure out with what  exactly!  During the holiday season and Black Friday I tend to buy a lot of jewelry. I’m currently obsessed with gold necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Basically anything GOLD! The sales that happen during Black Friday and the holiday season are amazing for jewelry. You can find great deals, so that’s why I need all the amounts of gold I can get! (Wishing) So, if any of my loved ones are reading this, please note GOLD!  Check out all my other wishes below, lets cross my fingers that some of my special people in my life gift me with some of these items or just gift me with all of them! LOL 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Creations for She

Hey Yall! I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! I had a blast with my girls,check out my Candids to see some photos. I've been working really hard the last couple of weeks with Zelie for She! I'm truly inspired by all the beautiful comments Ive received from everyone! You can now pre order my own collection of designs. As many of you may know I went to school for Fashion Design and worked with many apparel companies. But  now I'm working on my own mini collection. I'm starting out with 3 tops  and within the next months I will add more one of a kind designs. Sizes 1x-4x you can definitely have fun with these tops. Wear your favorite bra or cami underneath them to give it a fun or sexy twist. Also I am having a Sale at Zelie for She. Dresses are $5 off and tops are 20% off. Go and Check it out before everything is sold out!