Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zelie for She

I can finally say that my online boutique Zelie for She is now open!I've had this dream for many years now and to see it come true is beyond Amazing!  But I can tell you that all my followers, friends and family have stuck by me! And I thank you for that!  I've always wanted to do something for the curvy girls that would help them feel as beautiful as they are. Being a full figured girl can be difficult at times. It can become extremely hard when you go shopping and you cant find anything that is as cute as you are. I wanted to start this online boutique so that you can shop all the cutest fashions for your size only. I am also excited to mention that I will have my own collection designed and created by me available in the next week. Thank you all again for believing in me! I hope that I can only inspire and continue to create all my dreams into reality. If you keep believing its destined for your dreams to only come true!

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