Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MYNT 1792

MYNT 1792, make sure you remember that name by the beginning of September!  Yesterday I had the chance to skype with the showroom in NYC to view some pieces from their collection. I first saw MYNT 1792 during FFFWEEK and I was blown away! Their fit and designs are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We all know within the plus size fashion world that the quality of garments are not the best. But forget all of that because MYNT 1792 is making sure their fit and quality is up to part with designer name brands. The collection is full of jeans, pants, vest and jackets. I was shown some of the  motorcycle inspired jackets and blazers. The details in these pieces are Sick! The collar on the suede motorcycle jacket is to die for! Then they had to show me the new love of my life which is  the forest color Corduroys. You make be thinking to yourself corduroy Elann? Really? Yes really! These corduroys have a stretch to it that will give a fit you’ve never seen from a corduroy. And trust on this because these pants will definitely be a trend for fall. Take a sneak peek of the collection below and make sure you check MYNT 1792 online in September! 

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