Monday, July 23, 2012

My Summer Love

My Summer Vacation is finally coming to an end. I'll be leaving my oasis in a few days to head back to Los Angeles. The amount of love I received this summer was beyond amazing. The time I had with close friends and family will stick in my heart and memories for ever. I had such a blast I would love stay longer but it’s time for me to get back on my grind!  Well I was home I couldn't stop myself from shopping, eating and relaxing. From estate sales, thrift stores, the beach, local fair, BBQ and much more memories I think I’ll do a post of my summer soon. In all it was a summer that I will always remember.  But like they always say good things must come to an end, but just for now! The inspiration I’ve gain from this vacation can fill up a library. I’m ready to accomplish all my dreams I’ve set for myself! My Summer Love is all I needed!

 Giveaway Time!
I had so much fun shopping this summer I want to give one of you lucky readers a gift card of $20 to Fashion to Figure and some extra goodies!  Leave me a comment of your favorite Summer Love/Memory this far. Please include your email and name. Also don’t forget to add me on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. My favorite summer memory is my apartment a/c going out and my boyfriend and I walking to the park to get some ice cream and ended up laying underneath the tree until the sun came up in the morning.


  2. My favorite summer memory is when me and one of my good friends had an all night adventure in DC, We were looking extremely cute I had worn my first hi-lo skirt with just a scarf as a bandu top, and my awesome jean vest that i cut (we took pictures in this hotel but, we couldn't upload them :( lol) We saw all types of people with different styles and very trendy people. and meet up with some friends and had the most amazing spinach and cheese patty thing. I made new friends who could get me free food! And we didnt get back to the apartment til 3 almost 4! Best memory = Cute outfit + new friends + great location + amazing food. :D

  3. Favorite summer memory was going to the beach with my family and just sitting back and having fun! As I sat tanning my husband and eight year old neice (who is growing up so fast) played in the water. It was a great day and one that I will not soon forget.


  4. I spent the summer in New Orleans working at an internship and taking plenty of time to relax, eat and drink, and explore the city. It was all one big great memory!


  5. My favorite summer memories always come from the farmer's market in my town. I get to chat with all of my customers each week and find out what is going on in their world.


  6. My favorite summer memory is when my husband and I left kids with their grandma, went to our local snow cone stand and drove around town until we finished devouring them. I had a mango pickadilly, and he had strawberry kiwi after "sampling" three other flavors!

  7. I forgot to leave my email address!

  8. My favorite summer memory is when my btfriend and I pent a week in beautiful Charleston, SC. We ate and walked, and just enjoyed one another without distraction. Thanks for the giveaway.


    1. compared to everyone else my summer memory sucks. everyone else has memories with boyfriends and husbands. :(. my summer memory is last year when i lost 20lbs i treated myself to a beach trip. i havent wore a bathing suit since i was a young child. i felt so comfortable in my own skin.

  9. my favorite summer memory is when i meet my best friend. I was in fashion design school in Dallas and she going to school in New York. She was coming down for an Internship for the summer and i was still in the city for school. we had meet online a year before thanks to a band that we used to like and we became friends. BUt it wasn't until she moved down the street from my student housing that summer(that was not planned at all just happen)that we became best friend. we just spent every weekend together. Throwing parties, chilling by the pool, going on road trips, going to concert, meeting the bands(all her idea). this was the 1st time in my life i had ever had a friend that i loved like family. she helped break me out of my shy little shell i wouldn't have done nothing that summer but go to school and be bored the whole rest of the time.
    Leah Pruitt

  10. My favorite summer time memory is when my parents sent me to Guatemala for the summer. This was a yearly trip but the last time I went before going to college, my favorite aunt who I feel I resemble in looks and spirit decided that she would take me out on a night around the island just me and about an awesome night. Truely understood why everyone in the family called her wild and crazy..LOL. She told me to be unafraid and just live your life and make sure to laugh long and hard at yourself when you make blunders. This was also the night I learned to always carry a purse big enough to carry some spare slippers when you come out the party. Thats a memory I forgot I had until now. Awesomeness.

    Martha McIntosh

  11. My favorite summer memory was when my husband was stationed in Germany and we took a 3 country vacation to France , Italy ,Switzerland ~ it was amazing !

    cdm65 @ cox. net

  12. My favorite summer memory is just hanging out all day on the beach with my friend Taz