Monday, June 4, 2012


Life can become very busy where there isn't much time or energy to work on an outfit post for your own blog. In the pass month I have been tied up with friends in the hospital, dogs giving birth, my car battery quitting on me and all at the same time trying to get ready to leave for NY for my yearly summer visit which includes FFFWEEK. I'm always taking candid shots and snapshots of my daily life or routine. During all the craziness I had some moments where I can catch a drink with a friends or a lovely sit down dinner. Time has flown by so fast that now I am super nervous! Not many people know but I am terrified of flying. That is one of the reason why I took a cross country trip last time I visited NY. But this time I'm getting my ass on that plane! lol. I'll keep my self relaxed by reading 50 shades of grey and listen to the newest album by John Mayer. Hopefully that will make time pass. I'm super excited for FFWEEK! I cant wait to meet some of my readers as well as other fellow bloggers. During June there will be lots of new outfit post and more! So definitely stay Tuned! 
Much Love!


  1. You're so beautiful! I love that top picture with the statue. See you in NYC!

    1. Thank You! I cant wait to meet u !!!!!!1