Monday, June 25, 2012

Indie Showcase: Believing in the Dream

I couldn't wait for the Indie FFFWEEK show to start! Being a plus size independent designer myself I was anxious to see what other fellow designers had to offer. I was so impressed by Designers Youtheary and Ashley Tipton. They had me on the edge of my seat during the entire show! I love to see young fashion designers show what plus size ladies really want. It was fresh and definitely hitting the trends to come. The use of colors in Youtheary was rite on for me. The color blocking was to die for. Ashley Tipton used my favorite print of all time Polka Dot. Yes simple but the long shirt dress was by far my favorite! Finally a dress with sleeves! These 2 young Indie Designers definitely have a career ahead of them! They gave me the inspiration to keep pushing my own clothing line.  I have talked about  Zelie for She many times, but now I'm putting my foot to the gas. I hope to debut my collection next year at FFFWEEK! Keep Believing in the Dream!

Photos Courtesy of Danimezza!

Ashley Tipton



  1. wow a couple of amazing designer! i am loving the second to last outfit by ashley tipton and the whole collection by youtheary! so great!