Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FFFWEEK - Day 2 "We Deserve It"

Day 2 of FFFWEEK was all about blogging! Marie Denne hosted the Blogging 101 Panel. She and Madeline Figueroa of Plus Model Magazine ,Marina Zelner the designer for Queen Grace Collection and Alissa Wilson blogger of Stylish Curves discussed all the do's and don'ts in the world of blogging! I took a lot of notes from this amazing Panel. It was definitely a great insight into the world of blogging.One of my favorite quotes came from Madeline. She said "We deserve it" talking about the plus size community and the opportunities that are coming our way! All my fellow Fashion Front members were looking amazing in their outfits! This day I decided to keep it comfy and chic. I wore a striped cropped blazer and a coral ruffled maxi.  Check out the photos below!
 Dress:Forever 21   Jacket:Forever 21   Jewelry:Forever 21   Headband:Zelie for She   Clutch: Marc Jacobs

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  1. I love maxi dresses! So, you know I love this outfit, right? :)

  2. YO! Hey boo. Can you email me ( group pic of us, please and thanks!


  3. I agree that we deserve a loads as a plus size community. So glad to see FFFweek growing more and more, seeing more and more +bloggers resurface and showing the world we are to be noticed too. Loved your style, saw some instagram pics passing by last week. Xx Mode Plus

  4. The Maxi and the Jacket look so cute together with the headband! It mixes the two styles so well, laid back but sophisticated! Just beautiful!!! :)

  5. Thank you all for such wonderful comments! It means alot! <3 Peace & Love EZ