Friday, June 29, 2012

Colorful Maze

Going to FFFWEEK  became a challenge for myself. It was a good challenge though! I wanted to wear things I usually would never wear. It was a chance for me to step out of my comfort zone and be comfortable doing it. I'm not one to wear short dresses, I would rather wear something long! This time around I picked out this fabulous colorful printed dress from Kmart! Yes Kmart! Its also from the straight size section. If there's one thing you didn't know about me, its that I try on everything! Its definitely the shortest dress I've ever worn and personally I'm now in LOVE with this dress!  I went out and bought more short dresses.With this experience, it taught me that sometimes I just have to step out of that comfort zone and do something I thought I never would do because you never know you just my LOVE it!

Thank you again to the fabulous photographer and blogger Danimezza for the photos!

Dress:Kmart  Head Piece:Zelie for She  Clutch:Marc Jacobs  Shoes:Shoe Dazzle

 My Girls Meaghan (Little Lime Dress) and TY (Gorgeous in Grey)


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finale Fashion Show: Cacique

The finale fashion show for FFFWEEK featured all your favorite plus size retailers. My favorite retailer Lane Bryant graced the runway with their Cacique collection. I have been a regular customer of theirs sense I can remember.  A week before I left to NYC for FFFWEEK I stopped by Lane Bryant and picked up my favorite new long line bra. I rocked the long line bra for The All White Cruise and Sonsi Pop Up Party. It’s perfect for that sheer shirt you want to rock or even a blazer. I was a fan when they featured some new long line bras on the runway! Take a look below at some of my favorite pieces from Cacique!
Photos Courtesy of DANIMEZZA.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paisley Love

 My outfit for the Indie Showcase Fashion show was one of my favorites! As you all may know if you follow my blog that lately I've  been obsessed with the 70's! EVERYTHING 70'S!!!!  I found this paisley duster jacket from Forever 21. It caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store! My blush colored dress is from Old Navy. Trapez dresses are by far my favorite because I find them to be the most flattering  for a fuller figure. You have the option to wear a belt to define your own waist line.  I accessorized with plenty of jewelery especially my bracelets and added some texture with an embellished suede clutch!

Robe:Forever 21    Dress:Old Navy 

 Marie Denne from The Curvy Fasionista , Beck from Manfattan and Kelly from Maque Mag

Monday, June 25, 2012

Indie Showcase: Believing in the Dream

I couldn't wait for the Indie FFFWEEK show to start! Being a plus size independent designer myself I was anxious to see what other fellow designers had to offer. I was so impressed by Designers Youtheary and Ashley Tipton. They had me on the edge of my seat during the entire show! I love to see young fashion designers show what plus size ladies really want. It was fresh and definitely hitting the trends to come. The use of colors in Youtheary was rite on for me. The color blocking was to die for. Ashley Tipton used my favorite print of all time Polka Dot. Yes simple but the long shirt dress was by far my favorite! Finally a dress with sleeves! These 2 young Indie Designers definitely have a career ahead of them! They gave me the inspiration to keep pushing my own clothing line.  I have talked about  Zelie for She many times, but now I'm putting my foot to the gas. I hope to debut my collection next year at FFFWEEK! Keep Believing in the Dream!

Photos Courtesy of Danimezza!

Ashley Tipton


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just My Size & Sonsi Pop Up Event

The 3rd day of FFFWEEK was a JAM packed day. It started with a brunch in the morning held by Just My Size. We had a chance to view their newest collection of affordable comfortable Lingerie & Clothing. Jump below for pictures and what was happening at the Sonsi Be-YOU-tiful Pop Up  Party for the Bloggers.
 Thank you Danimezz for the photo!


The Sonsi Pop Up party was a blast. We had a chance to relax and get pampered. Many of my favorite retailers were also there showing their latest styles. I also won a free outfit from Catherines. I can’t wait till I receive it, I’ll be sure to do an outfit post! I had the opportunity to view some amazing sequined dresses from Sydney Closet and jewelry from Palm Beach. I wore my favorite new blazer and jeans from Forever 21. My under shirt is actually a long line bra from Lanebryant which I ADORE and my shirt is from my collection Zelie for She.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

FFFWEEK: All White Cruise

On the first day of fffweek there is the annual All White Cruise. This was the one event I couldn’t wait to attend! I was super excited to see as to what everyone would be wearing.   I never thought white clothing can be so difficult to find, but I succeeded in finding the perfect outfit!   We boarded the cruise when the sun was setting. The view of the New York City skyline was breathtaking, it gave me chills. I usually see the skyline from on top of a building, so to view it from the Hudson was AMAZING! If you don't know me already, I love love love skylines. Then to witness the statue of liberty glowing at night was all I need to put the cherry on Top! I definitely cant wait for next years All White Cruise.
*I still have lots of photos to come!!!! Stay Tune!
 Thank You to  Raijean from Swa-Rai and Danielle from Danimezza for the lovely photos below!!!!

Top:Torrid    Long Line Bra:Lane Bryant   Jeans:Forever 21

The girls and I had a blast in the Sonsi Phtotobooth! We took so many pictures I literally lost count!!!!! Take a look below at the photobooth fun we had!!!!
Pictures with my Fashion Front Girls before we

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FFFWEEK - Day 2 "We Deserve It"

Day 2 of FFFWEEK was all about blogging! Marie Denne hosted the Blogging 101 Panel. She and Madeline Figueroa of Plus Model Magazine ,Marina Zelner the designer for Queen Grace Collection and Alissa Wilson blogger of Stylish Curves discussed all the do's and don'ts in the world of blogging! I took a lot of notes from this amazing Panel. It was definitely a great insight into the world of blogging.One of my favorite quotes came from Madeline. She said "We deserve it" talking about the plus size community and the opportunities that are coming our way! All my fellow Fashion Front members were looking amazing in their outfits! This day I decided to keep it comfy and chic. I wore a striped cropped blazer and a coral ruffled maxi.  Check out the photos below!
 Dress:Forever 21   Jacket:Forever 21   Jewelry:Forever 21   Headband:Zelie for She   Clutch: Marc Jacobs

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Monday, June 18, 2012

FFFWEEK: Day 1 "Comfortable in My Skin"

Wow! Can I just say it's been an amazing couple of days! Attending Full Figure Fashion Week this year has been a great opportunity and experience! I’ve never felt as comfortable in my skin as I did during FFFWEEK. The first day I attended the Press Reception and had the chance to mingle with the plus size industry as well as a few Indie Designers. Not only that but I meet so many amazing people and finally got a chance to meet all my fellow bloggers on a personal level. I truly can say I left with new friends!!!!  
I will have more post coming soon of all my outfits during FFFWEEK

Monday, June 4, 2012


Life can become very busy where there isn't much time or energy to work on an outfit post for your own blog. In the pass month I have been tied up with friends in the hospital, dogs giving birth, my car battery quitting on me and all at the same time trying to get ready to leave for NY for my yearly summer visit which includes FFFWEEK. I'm always taking candid shots and snapshots of my daily life or routine. During all the craziness I had some moments where I can catch a drink with a friends or a lovely sit down dinner. Time has flown by so fast that now I am super nervous! Not many people know but I am terrified of flying. That is one of the reason why I took a cross country trip last time I visited NY. But this time I'm getting my ass on that plane! lol. I'll keep my self relaxed by reading 50 shades of grey and listen to the newest album by John Mayer. Hopefully that will make time pass. I'm super excited for FFWEEK! I cant wait to meet some of my readers as well as other fellow bloggers. During June there will be lots of new outfit post and more! So definitely stay Tuned! 
Much Love!