Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bright Colored Dreams

Summer is  approaching so quickly! I'm so excited for all the fabulous fashions for this summer including Color blocking and neon! Usually I stick to my basic black, but I decided this year I will change up my style and try some color!!!  Ive been looking for  blazers in bright hues, but I totally forgot I had a fuchsia one in my closet. I am planning on this weekend to make my own blazer in a neon color.....will see if I can find the material (crossing fingers) !! Ive been working very hard on producing my plus size clothing line Zelie for She for several months. Unfortunately the release date is going to be pushed back due to many things within my life that have come up. I am still working continuously on new designs and samples. Being and artist can be very stressful, but I continue to push for my dreams until they become reality!

Jacket:Thrifted  Top:Local Boutique  Jeans:Torrid  Wedges:Local Boutique