Friday, January 20, 2012

Memories within my Heart

 Hey Everyone! I have made it back to L.A!Currently I'm sitting at my local coffee shop thinking of how much fun I had back home and my trip cross country that I wanted to share some  pictures with you!  My cross country trip was so amazing, I will never forget the experience I had. I would love to do it again just a different route so I can see some new places! The whole train ride was in the middle of America, open range, animals galuping in the middle of no where! I had a very spiritual dreamy experience in the state of New Mexico.The state had the most amazing colors, red clay dirt, green  bushes and trees were the most spectacular scenery Ive seen! Listening to Bon Iver throughout the state  was the perfect soundtrack. You can read my full experience on "My Diary of Dreams" Blog.  In all, the last few weeks of December and the first few of the new year have been memories I will always cherish within my heart!
Elann Zelie

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  1. It looks like you had a fantastic time! Let me comment on two things: 1) You are kicking ass with the winged eyeliner! 2) I love you and friend's tattoos