Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm home visiting family and friends, and I find myself always going through the boxes of photos my mother has saved over the years of me and my siblings! I enjoy seeing photos of my younger days, as its hard to remember what I was actually  like because I was so young lol!
I thought I share some photos with all of you!

We use to spend are summers at the cottage on the Lake! Loved those summers!
My Fabulous Mother!

My siblings and cousins !

Child of a Hippie, that explains the tye dye

Mommy doing my Hair!

Mickey Mouse Club!

My Brother and I Rocking the Afro


  1. thanks for sharing.... makes me think of my summers back @ home... good times... =)

  2. Those are lovely! And we're both mixed chicks. Sadly for me, you have a much better mother than I, as mine let all of our childhood photos be thrown away. I still cry over it, never again being able to see myself as a baby or young child just breaks my heart. These were really lovely to see and reminded me of my own lost childhood photos, so thank you.

    1. Im sorry for your lost childhood photos, but Im happy that you can see yourself within mine. Thank you for such a beautiful comment. I am so happy that I have the most amazing followers! I hope one day you can find one or 2 photos of your past. If not memories within in your mind can never be forgotten!