Monday, October 17, 2011

Trick Or Treat

What are you going to be for Halloween? Torrid has so many costumes to choose from! You can be Minnie Mouse or how about a bloody Zombie.  
As it is ever year I get confused as to what I wanna be. Sometimes I wanna make my costume from scratch, but then there are times I just want to buy a pre-made costume. Last year I  was a sexy Vampire. So I was thinking this year I'll be something a little cuter! I need my readers help, comment on the costume you think will best suit me! Personally I love the Minnie Mouse! 
  All Costumes can be found at TORRID

        Minnie Mouse

Bumble Bee

Flight Attendant 

Zombie Queen

  All Costumes can be found at TORRID


  1. I actually like the Minnie Mouse best. I'm also obsessed with polka dots recently, so that definitely is a factor in my love for it =)

  2. I do to and I think I may just go with it! I love it! Do you plan on being anything?

  3. Girl, I love Halloween but I was never into dressing up. I'll probably just wear my usual stuff and call myself a gypsy lol =)

  4. I haven't dressed up for halloween for aaageeessssss . . . but i might have to this year - once when I was little I dressed up as a pumpkin! and once as a couldron . .. my brother was the witch and he kept stirring me haha! you just made me want to make a costume!!