Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monif C. "Holiday Collection"

The Holidays are here and Monif C. can't do wrong with their
new collection of dresses.  They scream sexy....that's why they're named after the characters from Sex in the City. Glamor and sleek are just a few words to describe the collection  with fabulous silhouettes, sequins, ruffles and lace.  How can you not want one for your holiday parties? Dress "Samantha" is a sleek fitted sequin cocktail  that's  fabulous for  ringing in the new year. Pair it with a killer stiletto and your ready to hit the town! "Carrie" is such fab dress, gold metallic color with oversize ruffles. Need something a little more elegant? Go with the "Miranda" with a maxi length that drapes into a shorter hem in the front. Velvet and lace is all Charlotte. Simple, yet sexy, makes it ideal for all the parties you'll be attending ! Monif C. continues to prove that they know what plus size women want to wear! They give the right amount of sexiness and glamor to ever collection they put out! Put your order in today and have it ship by Dec.5th.





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  1. Oooo, I LOVE them all!! Especially the Samantha and the Charlotte!