Monday, May 2, 2011

Went out the other night with some local friends to the local bar!After having a few drinks @ the Falls we headed back home where we got stuck in the elevator! Yes stuck!!!! We were there for approximately 25 mins until the beautiful LAFD came and rescued us from such a frightening situation(just joking). I had a blast being stuck in the elevator!!!!


I recently went to H&M and had a nice shopping spree! I love H&M cuts, even though plus size is only available at overseas H&M they still offer some styles here that could fit us larger size women! I bought this lovely gold tan color block trapeze shirt which I paired with boot cut jeans and tan flats! Caring all my belongs in my vintage color blocked clutch.For jewelery I am wearing H&M bangles and the necklaces was a gift! Changed up for the evening with black legging and buckled boot tan boots.

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