Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hawaii "Wild Heart"

Hawaii was a beautiful time hanging with love ones! Most of all free fallin into really truly believing that all my dreams are destined to come true with my Wild Heart! I will visit Hawaii soon again!

TOP: Downtown L.A store SHORTS:Torrid HAT: H&M

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hawaii "Believe Before Breaming"

With the years passing I have realized that life is one you must work at , I have been inspired from so much and so much more is to come! Visiting Hawaii and seeing the waters of the ocean move in and out with nothing but its natural force pushing made me think a little harder then usual. Why cant I do the same! Put good energy out and good energy will flow back! I have felt like I have been doing this, but if I fell I can put a little extra energy out there into the world to get the push of it back! Thinking I might just know myself entirely may not be the truth, I know who I am currently and who I want to be! I continue to Believe I am and will be everything I have dreamed of! Believing before Dreaming

Ocean beside the Ranch with horses my cousin uses to play Polo

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hawaii "Family"

I don’t get to see my Family all the time in Hawaii! But when I do its like we have seen each other just the day before! I love them to death and cant wait to visit again and share the love and happiness we always have when we are together!

Clockwise: Me, Aunt Yvette, Mommy


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hawaii "Free Fallin"

The mountains in the North Shore of Hawaii are just breath taking and with the sea pounding against the rocks sounds so thundering it makes you really get lost in your dreams of thoughts!

Returning yesterday from Hawaii having a wonderful visit with the family and having a chance to finally relax! I have gone through a lot this year and it has only just began! Many changes and many new things to come! This trip really helped me put everything at ease in my mind and relax and not be so stressed out!


“Free Fallin”

Shes a good girl, loves her mama
Loves jesus and america too
Shes a good girl, crazy bout elvis
Loves horses and her boyfriend too

Its a long day living in reseda
Theres a freeway runnin through the yard
And Im a bad boy cause I dont even miss her
Im a bad boy for breakin her heart

And Im free, free fallin
Yeah Im free, free fallin

All the vampires walkin through the valley
Move west down ventura boulevard
And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows
A ll the good girls are home with broken hearts

And Im free, free fallin
Yeah Im free, free fallin
Free fallin, now Im free fallin, now im
Free fallin, now Im free fallin, now im

I wanna glide down over mulholland
I wanna write her name in the sky
Gonna free fall out into nothin
Gonna leave this world for a while

And Im free, free fallin
Yeah Im free, free fallin