Friday, September 24, 2010

Burberry Jackets = Aviator Time

I am going crazy over the must haves in jackets for FALL! Burberry by Christopher Bailey did a fabulous variety of jackets for the Fall Collection! The variety of jackets made my mind go gaga over which one is my favorite. Shearling aviator, military style pea coats and parkas were among the jackets on the runway. I enjoyed to see detail put into outwear, with the use of over sized collars, heavy shag, buckles and the variety of lengths. The choice of colors Burberry went with were very exciting, using mustard, Colbot and Wine were by far the most Fabulous colors for jackets I have seen in a long time! Different lengths, cropped aviator to even cropped pea coats were truly eye catching. You usually do not see designers put a lot of effort into the outwear part of there line. I loved how he took a risk and I think he pulled it off! You can have some of these jackets costumed tailored for you at .

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