Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was one of the many that saw Precious and became a fan of Gabrielle Sidibe. Seeing beautiful plus size talent is the BEST! I saw a few interviews she had and I could totally relate to her! She had a sense of humor and understanding of how people saw her. Many of the things that are talked about her has been about her appearance. For Gabi she could care less and I love that about her ! She has talent of acting and that is what should be seen, but unfortunately in the Entertainment business its not! Do you remember once upon a time HIPS and CURVES where the thing! What Happen? What "I" think happened is the world of MODELING. Models were looked and still looked at as a hangers for fashion. WHY? why can't voluptuous girls be hangers of fashion! Our cloths can hang if you just make it a little bigger, or why can't it just CLING. It took over our society and way of looking at what BEAUTY really is. I believe that every singal person in this world is beautiful! No matter there SIZE, RACE, RELIGION or if they are GAY/STRAIGHT/BI. Marylin Monroe wore a size 16 and she was the most beautiful, sexiest lady of HOLLYWOOD and still is! This week a story was out about Gabi and her magazine cover. In the photo all you can see is her face and some of her shoulder. People were questioning " why was her whole body not shown" . Unfortunately I don't know Gabi, but anytime there is something out in the entertainment business with a lady of size it becomes a DISCUSSION. If she had a cover with her whole body being shown, they would still be talking about her SIZE! I feel we cant get away from this discussion, but i hope the discussion can turn into BEAUTY has no SIZE! you notice now the trend is over sized clothing :) lol!

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