Thursday, September 30, 2010

A nice suit can go far!

I Recently took my blazer back out for Fall and added some new flared pants, making my perfect suit! Suits may seem very boring and blah, but you can make it your favorite and most chic outfit in your closet.Transforming it into a Fabulous look for a Night Out is not hard at all! Add some color to the bodice with ruffles or any kind of textured top! Accenting with flowing jewelry such as a rosary( my fav )can make a huge statement. Finishing the look out with a clutch makes this boring suit into a chic, sophisticated FABULOUS ensemble for a night out on the town!

CITY CHIC coming to America

City chic will be opening an online store starting mid October! We can have now another store to buy from! YIPPY . Below are some things I love from there collection! TAKE A LOOK ONLINE at

Monday, September 27, 2010

Spring Preview!

I never can wait till the actually season comes, I love to try to sneak out the trends way ahead of time! In NYC they just finished the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, this is were are the HOT designers get together and show there talent and ideas for SPRING 2011. Jewel tone colors are definitely going to be the trend! The mix and matching of these colors make a unique blend! Accessories for spring I see thin belts with a rope detail or fraying! Texture is making it way back in the scene, very light fray and materials are a must for Spring! Check out a few photos from my favorite designers! (Gucci)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Burberry Jackets = Aviator Time

I am going crazy over the must haves in jackets for FALL! Burberry by Christopher Bailey did a fabulous variety of jackets for the Fall Collection! The variety of jackets made my mind go gaga over which one is my favorite. Shearling aviator, military style pea coats and parkas were among the jackets on the runway. I enjoyed to see detail put into outwear, with the use of over sized collars, heavy shag, buckles and the variety of lengths. The choice of colors Burberry went with were very exciting, using mustard, Colbot and Wine were by far the most Fabulous colors for jackets I have seen in a long time! Different lengths, cropped aviator to even cropped pea coats were truly eye catching. You usually do not see designers put a lot of effort into the outwear part of there line. I loved how he took a risk and I think he pulled it off! You can have some of these jackets costumed tailored for you at .

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was one of the many that saw Precious and became a fan of Gabrielle Sidibe. Seeing beautiful plus size talent is the BEST! I saw a few interviews she had and I could totally relate to her! She had a sense of humor and understanding of how people saw her. Many of the things that are talked about her has been about her appearance. For Gabi she could care less and I love that about her ! She has talent of acting and that is what should be seen, but unfortunately in the Entertainment business its not! Do you remember once upon a time HIPS and CURVES where the thing! What Happen? What "I" think happened is the world of MODELING. Models were looked and still looked at as a hangers for fashion. WHY? why can't voluptuous girls be hangers of fashion! Our cloths can hang if you just make it a little bigger, or why can't it just CLING. It took over our society and way of looking at what BEAUTY really is. I believe that every singal person in this world is beautiful! No matter there SIZE, RACE, RELIGION or if they are GAY/STRAIGHT/BI. Marylin Monroe wore a size 16 and she was the most beautiful, sexiest lady of HOLLYWOOD and still is! This week a story was out about Gabi and her magazine cover. In the photo all you can see is her face and some of her shoulder. People were questioning " why was her whole body not shown" . Unfortunately I don't know Gabi, but anytime there is something out in the entertainment business with a lady of size it becomes a DISCUSSION. If she had a cover with her whole body being shown, they would still be talking about her SIZE! I feel we cant get away from this discussion, but i hope the discussion can turn into BEAUTY has no SIZE! you notice now the trend is over sized clothing :) lol!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun with SOME Friends!

JEWELRY: Forver 21

I had to continue my B-DAY with meeting up with some old friends from SD! Hit up the bar and the streets of Downtown Los Angeles! Im wearing another top I bought from H&M again its STRIPES! Did you also see I got a new hair cut!!!! I love it but then I don't! Im hard to please! lol.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beth Ditto / Evans

Yes, She has a new collection! I love this collection more than her last. This collection has style and couture fashion that us larger size women have been looking for. Beth Ditto put into her collection the hottest trends for fall! Including the must have parka, but with some edge! She has some funky punky items! I can not wait to buy my outfits! Love me some Beth Ditto .....FABULOUS!

To view the whole collection

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I use to love to go to H&M when I was in high school! Remember when they had plus size in there stores. Now its only overseas :( . I decided to still go to the store for my Birthday shopping. I went in loving everything I saw! I only tried tops on and they all where lovely! There cut this seasons in definitely over sized! It was great for me as I was able to fit into them lol! I don't know whats up but I have been going GAGA over stripes! I loved there collection for FALL! I see a lot of stripes!!TOP: H&M

Friday, September 10, 2010

My 23rd BDAY!

Necklaces: Forever 21

TOP: Boyfriend Shirt TARGET Jeans:Torrid Shoes: Flats Walmart Bag: Chloe's Bag

I turned 23 on September 8th! I really cant believe how fast this year went...or can I say the past 5 years. I moved to Los Angele's 5 years ago and its insane how quick time flys! So for my bday I hit the town and went to some bars! But before all that of coarse I needed to go shopping and get a new hair cut! I chopped my hair short again! AHAHAHAHA! I am continuing my bday the rest of the weekend with some more friends and bars! I will definitely upload outfits for the weekend extravaganza!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A nite at 740

My friends and I decided to go to a Ray J concert happening 2 block from my house! I had nothing to wear as I usually feel all the time! So I went up the street to the close out store and my friend found me a tailored jacket. Now I never really cared for them but I decided to with it! I paired it with my new Ultra stretch skinny's and wedges from TORRID. Accessorized with a Wilson and Leather sea -foam color clutch with gold accent ( I bought this back in highscool! )! In all the nite was very chilled and RAY J was so BAD! I am just happy I didnt pay for the check! But in all had a good nite with the GIRLS!