Wednesday, August 25, 2010

John Mayer

Went at the last minute to see my favorite musician living! Yes a little high of a mark to put him at, but he makes me feel good, relaxed and I just Love Him! Concert was at Hollywood Bowl under the stars@ Lovely cool night with GREAT music! This is my 4th time seeing him and I know there is more to come! Again my girl Chloe' came along! LOVES IT Whats crazy is I saw him before in the same arena but 7th row and I was looking at all my drafts from this blog years ago that I never published and I found the blog spot on that concert! Im going to post it below! muah!
When I recently saw John Mayer in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl it was amazing. He is not only a singer but a musician with standards that blow my mind! I find it inspiring that John Mayer can not only sing but play the guitar. He played a song by Bruce Springsteen call "I'M on Fire" which was amazing. It made you feel that you were in another world or galaxy. I felt that no one can touch me and nothing can hurt me. He than played 3x5 which was great! I enjoyed every minute of this concert! Why you may ask I talk about it now after almost two weeks? Well I have been playing the song over in my head and finally decided to find him singing it on YOUTUBE and I found it!


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