Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outfit Post

I am loving the color salmon for Summer! It has been my nail color to my lipstick color!
I would love for all you readers to send me a picture of yourself in your favorite outfit...I want to post a mega post of outfits from all the readers! Send me a email with your favorite outfit to! Loves It!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gold Love Silver!

Went out for a couple of drinks with the Girls! Decided to let my hair go natural for some time! Let it curl I say let it curl!

Jacket: Thrift Store Pants: Tripp Torrid Jewelry: Zelie for she (my line)

FALL-ness is Coming!!!

Fall is Coming and I am so excited!!!! I love this season not only for the feelings I have but the Fashion! This seasons I feel is going to be fun and different! I am seeing a lot of leather, fur, lace, chiffon, wool and plaid prints. I feel its a mix of Victorian with aviator! You have that soft look of a see through chiffon shirt with a heavy leather jacket. Texture is the key to this season fashion! Colors that should be in your closets are Brown, Carmel, Off white and Burgundy. Mix it all up in to a bundle of FALL-ness!
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Friday, July 16, 2010

I love it!

So today I am not posting a fashion post , but a bathroom and bedroom post! lol I finished my bathroom and bedroom and I am lovin it! I finally moved into my own space and now I have the chance to express my expression in every room I have! I am obsessed with Andy Warhol and peaceful serenity at the same time! I have been for many years...probably for more than 10 years crazy about Andy Warhol! With my bedroom I have always wanted those bedrooms you see in the LOTION commercials! I am loving my apartment and I should have ore pictures to come SOON!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Outfit POST

Top:Torrid Jeans:Rocawear

So today I am posting a outfit post. My style changes all the time! I love to be comfortable as much as possible because I am a city girl and I'm always on the go!In this outfit post I have on a over sized cropped sweater in off white that I adore!!!!!! I love anything off the Shoulder! Skinny jeans are my thing and I think will always be! I cuffed them at the bottom to give a casual look! And for summer/fall a must have is the Messenger Bag! Bracelets are my new thing and I like lots of them!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Plus Size Fashion Week

So for the past couple of years I have heard of the plus size fashion week in NYC.
It seems interesting but I just wish there was more marketing and designers!
I think it great that there is finally something and it takes time to grow into a well known event. I hope next year I can be there as and addition to the bloogers and stylist for the Lovely Big Plus Girl out there! I actually wish it was part of regular fashion week in NYC. But why must the big girls be segregated from the rest! I want to help push a movement of top designers realizing that women with curves like to dress! Dont get confused....I do love Torrid, Evans, City Chic, ASOS and many more plus size retail.
Just want to see more more more more!
Getting back with updating the blog with trends and my outfits! Just been super busy with THINKING!
Loves Ya