Friday, May 14, 2010

NUDE is the New Black!

I believe that NUDE it is the new BLACK but better!
This color looks amazing on all skin tones and I
believe it brings out the true natural beauty, so girls
that means no need for make up! YEAH! Check out the styles below!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

" The Fashion Blog for Big Girls!"

TOP:Torrid SUN GLASSES: Off the Street

Hello and welcome to The Fashion Blog for Big Girls!
Let me introduce myself and give you a brief description of what the blog will detail! My name is Elann Zelie ,I am 22 years old! All of my life I have been plus size. I moved from my hometown of Rochester Ny straight out
of high school to move to Los Angeles where I received my degree in Fashion
Design. Currently I am in the design process of designing my own plus size line!
I have a wonderful family that Loves me and Believes in every step
I take, have taken or will one day! I stick to my words that
You must Believe that you can Dream if so then anything is possible!

The purpose of this blog is to show the Love of FASHION That The Young and Fabulous Big Girls Have! I will update this blog as much as possible with the latest Fashion Trends, Styling Ideas, Shopping and much more! I also want all of you
to take part in this blog as well! Email me your style ideas or pictures!
I hope with this blog that all The Young Fabulous BIG Girls find fashion, beauty, comfort and most of all LOVE for there Curves and FASHION! :)